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Photos by Lesley Gourley.


  Lesley grew up on the Central Coast of California - from Pacific Grove to Santa Barbara. The daughter of a commercial fisherman, she spent countless hours fishing on the Pacific Ocean, returning to sell her catch to friends and neighbors. Her mother's love of photography influenced her greatly in choosing her career path. She began attending the Seattle Art Institute in the early 90's and finished top of her class in Commercial, Portrait & Events Photography. Lesley has honed her craft for over 25 years. The connection she shares with her subjects, shines through in her images.

  Besides photography, Lesley possesses a love of sports. Those sports have taught her the skills for overcoming a variety of obstacles in her life. Due to the diversity of her work, she encounters unique challenges in each and every shoot.  Continually growing and learning is a goal that Lesley has aspired to her entire life. She tells a complete story with the images that she captures. Lastly and most importantly her images speak for themselves.